Sony Playstation FAQ

Sony is a Japanese multinational company that has been in the market for years and is not only dedicated to video game consoles, but also covers many fields of technology such as audio, photography, computers, video games, etc. The company has been progressing and evolving making a foothold at the international level. Sony has developed and marketed the video game console PlayStation (PS, commonly known as the PS1 or its codename PSX or Playstation Classic) and its been rise to power in the video game industry since then.

What is Sony Playstation ?

Sony’s Playstation was launched on the market on December 3, 1994. As of this date, it has manufactured four types of desktop video consoles and other models. In short, it will launch the fifth desktop Playstation. This company was designed by Ken Kutaragi and specifically to the world of video games.

The best-selling Playstation so far has been the PSP2 with more than 160 million units worldwide. Currently it has different Playstation models such as: PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4, Playstation portable and Playstation Vita.

Why Playstation 5 is better than Playstation 4?

The new Playstation model (PS5) has improved the capabilities of its platform in every way, leaving the PS4 behind although it is closer to the PS4 Pro. They have improved storage by making it more efficient, a larger capacity disk holder, faster calculation parts, and higher modifications.

The PS4 / PS4 Pro has been very successful in the market and also what are consider the Playstation 4 games and PS4 controllers, but it is true that many are waiting for the PS5 to come onto the market, we cannot forget that it will be much more expensive than the PS4 but it is true that its capabilities have improved in many ways.

When Playstation 5 is been released?

Jim Ryan the president of Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE), announced in early October that the Playstation PS5 will be released later this year and stated that it will be around Christmas time.

The exact date is not known but if approximate as we do not know exactly the price. Bloomberg announced in February that PS5 manufacturing would be a minimum of $470, but it is still not entirely clear.

Sony expects that this console will be in high demand due to everything that is happening with the Coronavirus, therefore, Sony has increased the production of the PS 5 now by 50 percent in UK and all around Europe and the world.

What we know about this console model was from Matt MacLaurin, he communicated that there will be different hardware and different designs and colors. Also, they hope to make a special edition for everyone on the Playstation Store Network.

Is Playstation is better choice than Nintendo?

It is not that Nintendo is a worse console than Playstation, they are simply companies that manufacture totally different models of consoles and video games in design and technology.

For example, Nintendo has been in the world of consoles and video games for more years, but it is true that Playstation came to market later but managed to make a name for itself in the interactive and entertainment world.

Is Playstation better choice than Xbox?

The truth is that both Playstation and Xbox are quite good options if we want to have fun and entertain ourselves in our free time. Playstation is not better than Xbox or vice versa, they are just totally different console models.

The only objective of both companies is to entertain and entertain people, with quality being the common denominator of both.

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